This is a blog for the Hard Luck Hounds, a program that is the product of Austin Animal Center, the largest open-intake, no-kill shelter in the United States (located in Austin, TX). Hard Luck Hounds is for the dogs that have been waiting in the shelter the longest–this may be because they are past the cute puppy stage, they're a pit bull, or they may have some behavior/medical issues. Too often, these dogs would wait for months for adopters that would never come and end up euthanized. That's where Hard Luck Hounds come in–we advocate for the unwanted dogs by giving them the extra push they need. Each HLH dog comes to you FREE of charge with all shots, microchip, new collar w/tags, crate, $150 worth of professional training, a FREE vet exam with a local vet, and of course, a lifetime of tech support any time you need it to ensure that the adoption works out.

27th July 2012

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OH JULIUS. This 3 yr old is so packed with personality and love, it’s hard to believe for all of us that he’s now a Hard Luck Hound. Even worse? He’s been here almost five whole months.

Julius is a pittie on the smaller side with a yellow-brindle coat and golden-yellow eyes to match. He is a goof who’s got the head-tilt down pat; he does the head-cock almost every time you baby talk him. His favorite thing in the world? STICKS! He loves sticks. When you take him out in the pen, it’s time to go on a stick hunt. Once a stick has been located, he quickly picks it up and carries it around with nothing but pride. 

Julius is a big time sweetheart with a lot of love to give. He is housebroken, good w/most other dogs, easy to walk on the leash, and knows basic commands. He has a slight limp right now that vets are trying to figure out the cause, but we’re guessing it’s nothing major. It does not seem to slow him down/cause him pain. 

Julius is FREE to the right adopter and comes with all shots, neuter, microchip, collar, tags, crate (if necessary), and free professional training w/a local trainer (if necessary). He is a part of our Hard Luck Hounds program at AUSTIN ANIMAL CENTER in Austin, Texas (adoptions are not limited just to Austin and surrounding areas). 

Julius radiates joy and is a lot of fun to be around. His adopter is definitely a lucky one!

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